divendres, 27 d’abril de 2007


We live in Catalonia. There are many rivers, such as Ebre, Tordera, Francolí, Ter... Ebre is longer than Tordera; Francolí is shorter than Ter.
There are high mountains in Catalonia like Montserrat, Puigmal, Montseny, Pedraforca... Montseny is higher than Montserrat but it's lower than Puigmal or Pedraforca.
there are some lakes in this country: Banyoles, lake, Sant Maurici, Sils... Banyoles lake is wider than Sant Maurici or Sils.
There are a few islands too: les Medes, Masa d'Or... The Meda Gran is bigger than the Meda Petita.
There are 41 counties (comarques). We live in La Selva. La Selva is smaller than Pallars Jussà. It is bigger than Barcelonés.
We live in blanes. It's a small city. Barcelona, Girona and Badalona are bigger than Blanes. There are also very beautiful Natural Parks, such as Aigüestortes, els Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, el Cap de Creus, els Ports, Delta de l'Ebre... Montserrat National Park is shorter than els Ports; Aigüestortes is nicer than el Cap de Creus.
Catalonis is WONDERFUL! We love it!

Class 5èB